Old School. Second Lines.

The Tuba Starts It.
The tuba starts it.

If it’s Sunday, there’s a second line. Somewhere in the city.

Yes. I know that I said I was taking a break from the streets. From second lines.

But, but, but, It’s part of the life and culture of New Orleans. It’s part of me. Of who I am.

Here’s how it goes.

Even if I plan not to go to a second line, I start getting a little nervous and antsy as the start time gets closer. For instance, yesterday, I was determined to stay home. Oh yeah. Sure. Right. Obviously, that didn’t work out so well. Did it? The only way for me to actually pull that off is to forget what day it is. Trust me. I can do that. Sometimes.


These are pictures from yesterday’s parade. The Undefeated Divas & Gents & Kids Annual Parade. They walked throughout Treme. The brass band was sort of cobbled together from a couple of bands. That’s why there are two tuba players. A bunch of horn players. The start was a little ragged. But, as usual, the second line came together fairly quickly.

Yes. This is life. In New Orleans.


      1. I hope you hang in there. Relax, visit friends, take a deep breath.
        I don’t know if you ever take out people with you to photograph Second Line events. I’d try to be first in line for going.


      2. It has nothing to do with relaxing. Time is short. When she feels like coming out, Musical Miss accompanies me. But, she knows the street rules… When I take our guests out, which I do, I kind of have to watch their backs. The places in which I play are, well, sporty at best. 🙂


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