It Begins

Drummer waiting.
Drummer waiting.

On the edges.

Y’all know that I like to nibble around the edges of an event. Especially second line parades. I think that’s where some of the best pictures are found. The moments are different. They aren’t necessarily the “decisive moments.” They are just little slices.

Of life.

For this particular second line — Lady Jetsetters — working this way was a good idea. The parade, the first line itself, was made up of five people plus the brass band. A little, tiny parade. But, the band was the Stooges. That’s enough right there. Yes, eventually other people joined them at stops along the way. But, I dropped out by then. Remember, I was fighting something like a cold.


You know how I took these pictures. I like to work close. Engage my subjects. Oh, and one more thing. Pay attention to the tuba picture. Find the photographer. Twice. This picture is my idea of a selfie.


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