These People

Minimalist Christmas.
Minimalist Christmas.

These people. In this house. Our house. Not the house in the picture.  That house. These people. They don’t like my minimalist ways.

It’s how I work. It’s how I think. I’d rather strip things down than build them up. I’d rather get to the point, rather than make people search for the point. That includes Christmas or Mardi Gras decorations. These people in this house give me a lot of grief about that. They want lights. They want decorations. They want the house to look like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor’s house did on the old television show, “Tool Time.” Gimme a break. It would cost more to light this house than it cost to cool it in the heart of summer time. Summer time, when the weather is extremely hot. When the humidity is unbearable. When you melt into the sidewalk. When the dogs take a shed day. Everyday.


I’m not a Grinch. I like Christmas. But…


Finally, I found it. People who think the way that I do. I just gotta meet these people. I gotta thank them for providing me with photographic proof. This is how you decorate a house. Simple. Clean. Not using too much electricity. This house still makes a statement. Elegant. Understated.

The picture. Ho, Ho, Ho… I found the house. The decorations. I took the picture. The light was right. The house was right. The lights… perfect.

By the way, settle down. This is written mostly tongue-in-cheek.


  1. I tell you again, I love your writing about your photos, they make the perfect post!
    Light and Christmas – if that photo is the first of the set – let’s wait for the rest of it.
    A challenge would be to photograph one of those “look like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor’s house” and make it appear as beautiful as “that house”.:D


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