Never Ending

Streetcars and construction.
Streetcars and construction.

It never ends.

Construction. Along the streetcar tracks. Along the three major river-to-lake streets. Everywhere. Streetcar tracks have been torn up. Work done. Tracks replaced. And torn up again.  These major streets have not been construction free for years. And, won’t be for many more years. People cannot park in front of their homes. Businesses have been forced to close. Traditional Mardi Gras routes have been changed. The construction companies don’t care. Why should they? It’s a never-ending revenue stream. Now, it seems that there is more cash flowing into the area. Construction companies say this state of chaos is eternal. By dead reckoning, back of the envelope math, a couple of media outlets say we are in for at least 18 more years of this. 18 years. Imagine that.

Upon hearing and reading this news, a group of Uptown residents have filed a large class action suit. Why would they do that? The people who initiated the suit live closer to the construction than we do. Their homes are literally being shaken to pieces. Foundations are breaking. Walls are cracking. Pipes are leaking. Personal items are being destroyed. Houses are being covered in construction dust, mud and junk.

Further up the road, for people like us, the streets are looking like Berlin 1946. Broken. Potholes. Patches that need patches. Water leaking from broken underground pipes. Make no mistake, New Orleans has always had a broken and cracked street problem. After the waters of Hurricane receded the streets got worse seemingly overnight. A week or so ago, FEMA just poured some $350 million in city coffers to repair the streets. That, at first glance, is a good thing.


Why, oh why, do I think that the streets will finally be repaired and then torn up again to fix the leaking pipes? Because. I know this city. I know the city government.

I didn’t mean to go off on this tangent, but we realized we have never lived in this house when some kind of major construction was going on. Near us. Very near us.

I meant to talk about this picture.

It’s about a lot of things. Construction, for sure. But, it’s also about streetcars. Everybody loves our street cars. It’s also about winter light. Light that I love. It’s also about technique. Real live, on the street technique. See those circles? That’s trendy bokeh. But, these circles are real. Not added. Not created. Part of the scene as I saw it. As the camera recorded it. As the lens could control it.

I hope that you like it.

I’ll get a little more Christmasy this week. I promise.


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