Winter Light

Glowing dusk.
Glowing dusk.

Winter light.

Lovely, isn’t it? Too bad it doesn’t feel like winter. These 80 degree days are a little weird for this time of year. I can hardly wait for summer. More 114 degree days. Apparently, the folks in Michigan — according to what I read — are complaining because they have 60 degree days and no snow.  I’d be happy with 60 degree days. Sheesh. I’d be happy with snow. I suppose I shouldn’t complain.


There are two things we really like to do during the Christmas Season. We like to go to Caroling at Jackson Square and we like to go upriver and look at the bonfires along the river that are lighted to guide Papa Noel to New Orleans. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem right to attend either event in shorts and a t-shirt. I know, I know. I should be grateful. Should is one of those words, you know?

The picture. There’s a lesson in this one. Carry a camera with you at all times. Not a smart phone. A real camera. I was finishing up one of those long days when we were preparing my show. The show is hung in a place with no windows. I had no idea what the light looked like outside. I left the building to go home. Finally. I  made it outside and wow! What a sky! What light! I knew that I only had a few minutes. I did what I could.

Oh yeah. See that church steeple? It’s not a church. It’s a restaurant.

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