Fresh Meat

Super fresh meat.
Super fresh meat.

I’ve been to this place. I’ve explored it inside and out.

You’ve seen it. A couple of times. This is the building that’s collapsing on itself. Some of the second story is laying on the first floor.

Every now and then while I’m passing by, I look at it again. The lowish sunlight intrigued me, so I stopped and walked around. I did exactly what they told me never to do. I shot directly into the sun. It almost blinded me, but the camera was fine. The sensor too. I helped it out a little — well, a lot — in post production. I wanted the building to look as falling apart to you as I saw it.

The thing to really check out is the sign. Look closely at the little symbol-thing to the left. It took me a couple of seconds but I realized what it is supposed to be. A T-bone Steak. Now, isn’t that attractive? Mouth watering, indeed.

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