Everything That Didn’t Rot, Rusted.

All that remains.
All that remains.


Booker T. Washington High School. At least what’s left of it. Students from the old B.W, Cooper Housing Projects in Central City attended classes here once. Probably from other nearby projects as well. Today, the old projects are gone.  The school is mostly gone. Eventually, mixed use housing will be built on the site of the old dwellings. Some already has been built. I read somewhere, almost in passing, that the school — at least of what’s left of it — will also be back sometime.

We’ll see.

I need to poke around in this neighborhood of Central City a little more. I will. I promise you that.

The picture. Taking the base picture was easy. See it. Shoot it. Tinkering with it was not so easy. Every time I got it near where I thought I wanted it, I’d add just one more thing. And, blammo. I went too far. Luckily, I work in layers. So, I just took a step back. But, still. It’s a little disconcerting to watch your work go south.  Especially, when you are almost done.

Never forget. Help a brother out. GO. FUND.ME.




  1. Thank you, Jenny. And, to you and your family too. And, thank you even more for your donation. At this point, we are looking at alternative framing methods. BTW, is there a picture you’d like? Any of the images on the poster are yours for your help.


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