This just about says to all.
This just about says to all.

Well. This sticker just about says it all.


For most bands, touring is less fun than staying home. But, musicians probably have a chance to earn more money than they do at home. Or, releasing an album. These days albums don’t sell. Streaming is the thing. Most of those people who know this stuff say that Adele’s new album will probably the last big seller. Ever.


If a band manages their tour well and doesn’t spend money on stuff they don’t need while they are on the road, they can likely earn some reasonable money. On the other hand, there are a lot of lonely days and nights in hotel rooms in which they’d rather not be staying. There is time away from their family. Friends. Local clubs and hangouts. Even in this day and age of modern and instant communication the context of life is lost. A musician might come home and know what happened while he or she was away, but not how it happened.

Then, there’s this.

The late Allen Toussaint said he always hoped to die at home. In New Orleans. He died in Spain. His funeral is Friday. You don’t have to ask. Of course, I’ll be there.

At least he passed almost immediately after doing the thing that he loved. Playing music for people.

The picture. Y’all know that I like to work the margins. I like to photograph people who are either not directly part of an event, or who are in the process of getting ready for their part. Often, these pictures are much more interesting than the event itself. I’ve been pretty lucky in the past few weeks. But… you never know.

You can’t quite see it in his hand, but the tuba player is talking on his smart phone. He’s trying to round-up the rest of his band. It was Sunday morning. Some of his band are probably just waking up.

And, should you forget…


As I’m sure you know, and wish that I would stop writing, the details are posted on Storyteller. November 4, 2015. You help me frame my gallery show and I give you stuff. I’d like to give you more stuff. See what I’m saying. Heh.

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