Through an Open Door

Ladies of Class hit the streets.
Women of Class hit the streets.

Another Sunday. Another second line. Like church. Only different. Way different.

This time it was the Women of Class Social Aid and Pleasure Club. They have a slogan or tagline. “We are who we are and no one will change us!”

Let that be a lesson to all of us.

This was actually the first stop. The men and one brass band led the parade. They stopped, picked up the women, added a second brass band, another squad and headed down the road.

The women took the lead. At one point, somehow, I got jammed between the brass band who were supporting the ladies and the leader of the men’s group. That’ll happen. Especially when there is almost no rope management. The guys who work the ropes keep the parade from descending into chaos. That wasn’t happening.

The picture. I continued down my simpler path. One camera body. One wide angle lens. And, a lot of use of a very special piece of gear. The gray matter in my head. What there is of it. Oh, and my legs instead of a telephoto lens when I needed to get closer. This approach seems to be working out just fine. I think I’m making some pretty good images. At least, they aren’t predictable as they’ve been in the past. That makes it fun for me. Oh. One thing to know. I’m not judging my work against anybody else’s work. The only person with whom I compete is me. Anything else is a fool’s mission.

And, again…

Hopefully, you know why. By now. If not, please check out Storyteller on November 4. You’ll see the whole thing.

One more thing. I have no idea what that little girl on the right is looking at. But, that’s really the picture.


      1. Ray, getting old is a bummer. I’m knowing it too well. As the British like to say, “Stiff upper lip” I think it takes more than that but I get their point. Thanks so much for taking and then sharing your images. They are delightful.


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