More Speed

One more streetcar picture.
One more streetcar picture.

Like any good artist when somebody comments that it’s “too bad the picture isn’t sharp,” I have no choice but to publish another one. One that shows even more speed. More motion. More blur.  One that is even less sharp.

What else could I do?

I learned this technique from musician Neil Young.

I read this story.  I forget where.  Once, when he was very young and new on the musical scene his manager couldn’t come out to his concert. So, he sent a junior manager. That probably wasn’t a great idea. Most musicians tour to support a newly released album. Young was no exception. He played his new songs. The audience didn’t know them so they didn’t react. Not positively. Not negatively. When he went backstage during the intermission he asked his fill in manager, “Mister Manager what do you think I should do?” His manager replied, “Play something they’ve heard.” So, Young went back out and did that. He played the same new song that he’d played maybe 45 minutes earlier. He still got no reaction so he played it for the third time during the encore.

There you have it.

“It’s too bad that your picture is too blurry, but your writing saved it.” This person said. Well, here’s another picture that is even more blurry. Oh, and by the way, I’m not a writer.


I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist. I’m playing. Mostly. I’m not even sure this new person is following Storyteller. He or she probably hasn’t seen much of my work. And, doesn’t have a blog. Just a place to comment via Gravatar. With a picture of a dog instead of a human portrait.

The picture. Yes. You knew I’d get around to it. It was made at an even slower shutter speed than the one I posted earlier this week. Even so, you can see the driver fairly clearly. And, the streaks of light are really nice and clean. It was made with a 16mm lens, so I’m fairly close. But, not that close. After all, I’m not crazy.


    1. You took a cab in the Quarter? You’re in NOLA already? BTW, everybody that I’ve spoken with is trying to figure out what happened to the second line. We all have different personal sources and nobody seems to know.


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