Cadillac Dreams

Isn't this how it is supposed to feel?
Isn’t this how it is supposed to feel?

Fins. Clouds. Freedom. A dream.

Isn’t that what  the 1950s and 60s was supposed to be about? A dream. This picture is about symbols. Icons. And, the one that I cobbled together.

Remember a few weeks back? When I discovered the Cadillac Farm? When I was supposed to be photographing a jazz funeral?

I didn’t show you all of the pictures I made. I never do. I reckon only a small percentage of a scene that I shoot is worth publishing in any form. That’s electronically or on paper. After all, didn’t the great Ansel Adams say if you made ten good pictures in a year that you had a great year?

Besides, I’m lazy. It’s a lot of work to post — oh, let’s say — twenty pictures on different social media. A least it is if you do a first cull, a second cull, first level post production and a finished picture.

I think it’s better to start with your entire take, cull it down to about ten percent. While you are doing first level post, cut that first edit down by about 50%. At most, that’s what you show. Not only can you spend the proper time working the pictures, but you only show your best work. And, you have pictures with which to tinker and play.

That’s how this picture came to be. It was a second level leftover. The RAW files showed the fins and some distracting background information. By the time I was finished playing around, I created a picture that makes a couple of statements.

First, it’s about the 1950s. That big fin does it every time. Then, it’s about freedom. That’s what white puffy clouds classically symbolize. And, finally. The chrome Cadillac logo is missing. In its place is a rusted and chipped background where the logo used to be. You can say a lot about that. One thing that comes to mind quickly is the death of big, huge iron cars. With that comes the relocation of big American businesses to foreign shores. I’m just getting started.

At the very least, the picture is about change.


  1. Thanks, Frank. When guys on the street used to ask me for change, I used to reply that, “change is from the inside.” Now I just see the woman with a sign asking for change because she’s pregnant. Funny thing about that. She been pregnant for at least 34 months now. 🙂


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