Shapes of Things to Come

Walls and Graffiti
Walls and Graffiti

This is what comes of walking.

Little pictures. Hidden pictures. A weird kind of art.

What I saw is very different from the finished picture. That happens sometimes. It usually happens in post production. This time, all I did was darken the picture and the whole thing came together into some strange photographic statement. For which, I have no real explanation. Except for the tagging. As I always say, in New Orleans if it doesn’t move it gets a coat of spray paint. This one looks like a taggers’ signature, not a gang sign. I’m sure the gang sign is around some place.


Yep. That’s what I’m coming up with. Zeros. I need to photograph something — anything — in a fairly short time frame. My head is stuck. So, I need your help. If I were to go out and try to photograph a collection of things, what would it be? In other words, make an assignment for me. I’ll do it. I’ll post it here.



  1. One of my favorite pictures of yours, is of a window in the FQ called Weird Windows back on July 6. So, how about collections of weird things, weird scenes or things/people you would only see together in NOLA.


    1. I could try. But, I see that same weirdness everywhere. Walk down 4th Ave in Brooklyn. Looks about the same. I’m one of those people who, when I hear “Only in New Orleans,” just sort of smiles. I’ll walk around Lower Magazine Street some. Sort of where it turns one way near the Crescent Moon Cafe/Club/Bar. Even the poodle doesn’t like going to the Quarter right now.


    1. The poodle always goes to Commanders. He and the rest of his dog family (two poodles, three cockers) think every night is Thursday night. That’s bone night. The kitchen staff comes out around 9ish and gives them big bones. They walk across the street to the cemetery and chew on them. now THAT’s only in New Orleans.

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