The Watcher

Waiting, waiting, waiting...
Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Watching. Waiting.

The second line started an hour later than planned. When they hit the streets they came through the bulldog. That’s right, Family Ties came right through the mascot of Joseph H. Clark Prep High School in Treme.

Yep. The second line began in Treme and mostly walked through the 7th Ward. A ward away. Treme is located in the 6th Ward. It’s not like it’s a million miles away. Cross the neutral ground on Esplanade Avenue — like about three feet — and you cross from the 6th to the 7th Wards.

I made this picture at just about the announced starting time.

I was talking to a group of photographers when I saw this guy come to the window. I made some joke about looking for pictures and drifted aimlessly toward the door. I made about three or four exposures and returned back to the group.

I never said a word. I’m sneaky like that. After all, so many second line pictures look about the same. I reckon I can use any edge I can get. A couple of other photographers walked over and shot the flag and door, but by then the guy in the window was just a memory. My memory. My picture.


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