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Little Leader

Leading the second line.

Leading the second line.

Remember those young guys behind the burglar bars? The ones who just wanted to be outside?

Here is their great escape. Kinda. Sorta.

The New Look hit the streets about fourth or fifth in the parade. Just like their elders, they know what to do…  because they have been practicing for a long while. With their those who came before them. You know. Traditions. All of that. The good stuff.

With a little upbringing, a lot of care and a little bit of luck, they’ll grow into the next generation of the Young Men Olympian Jr. Social Aid and Pleasure Club. They’ll look after their neighborhood, just as the YMO has been doing for 130 years.

You know the rest. The picture is another of those F8 and be there things. Look at all those smart phones. I have no idea what their F stops are. Heh!


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