Red Balloon

A little moment.
A little moment.

We talked about moments yesterday.

Here’s another one. This one doesn’t have as much to do with the second line, as it does with the people who come out for the parades. Or, in this case, was taken to the parade. I doubt that he brought himself, especially since I know that his mama was standing right next to him. And, he seems a little young to be hanging out by himself.

What more can I say? A child and a red balloon. That’s pretty good, right?

The picture. F8 and get in everybody else’s way to take the picture. Actually, that dark shape behind this little guy is another photographer. I suppose it could be said that he was in my way. Or not. These things are free for alls. We are used to it.


  1. There are 47 second line parades. The season starts in late August and continues through the first week in July, when the heat intervenes and storm season is at its highest.They take breaks for Christmas and Mardi Gras, when of course, there are two weeks worth of parades. Then, there is the occasional jazz funeral. And, just so I don’t forget. There are about 20 small second lines every day in the Quarter that are held for weddings and corporate events. These are only a block or two and very, very small.


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