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Neighborhood at Dusk

Mid City at Dusk.

Mid City at Dusk.

I think I told you about Mid-City when I wrote about the new hospital corridor. Mid-City, itself, is divided into smaller neighborhoods. The overall area is a big place. The area nearest to the new hospitals and along Interstate 10 was very blue-collar. It was run down. But, not falling down. There huge businesses located in this area like two beer manufacturing plants — Falstaff and Dixie. Big names in the brewery world. There were also a lot of small business like food stores, legendary bars and even a few restaurants scattered around.

Demolishing a big chunk of this area to build hospitals changed all of that. We can debate the benefits of tearing out that old neighborhood forever.  But, the city needed new hospitals and better medical care. I suppose the two moldering ruined hospitals that linger today — Charity and Lindy Boggs Memorial — could have been rehabbed instead of being left to rot. But, sometimes it’s better to build new from the ground up.

Today, there are a huge amount of apartments and condos built along a couple of different streets. Tulane Avenue, which used to be a street whose best days were way behind it, is coming back up. In a few years it will be fashionable. See that big building in the left middle? The one with that yellow light shining from its upper center? That light is the old Falstaff logo. The building is the brewery. Once. It’s now trendy condos. I’m willing to bet that even though a lot of housing stock was torn down, the population in this particular neighborhood is higher than ever.

The picture. It’s really a drive by. Or, more accurately, a drive through. I slowed down to a crawl and made the picture right through the windshield. Once again, I worked this way because that additional height gave me the best angle. It also gave me some weird color, so I went with it and did some heavy work in my post production workflow. “Don’t take the picture, let the picture take you” and all of that. Oh yeah. This is one of those places and times when the power lines help, rather than hurt, the picture.


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