Canal Street streetcar
Canal Street streetcars.

Streetcars. One of the reasons that visitors to New Orleans come here. Mostly, they come for the French Quarter and mostly Bourbon Street. But, more adventurous souls like to roam around the city. There is plenty to see and do. They can tour very easily just riding the streetcars. The older cars — green — run along St. Charles Avenue through most of Uptown. Eventually, they meet up with the Canal Street red cars, which are air-conditioned, in two locations. It’s a great ride. For tourists and those of us who live here. Many local people use them to do the same things people do in their hometowns. Commute to work.

The picture. Easy. Simple panning exercise. Keep the subject sharp, let the background blur. Shoot at dusk with a little bit of rained soaked streets and there you go. It helps a lot to use a lens that is about medium length. Maybe 70 to 85 mm.

That’s not all.

It’s opinion time. For you.

What do you think of the redesigned Storyteller?

The actual template looks very little like this. I like it more than what you are looking at right now. But, WordPress doesn’t make it easy to actually customize the template. Sheesh. I want a bigger main picture. Looks simple. Type in the pixels you’d like the picture to be on the long side and hit save. Yeah. Right. It falls back to the default position every time. On the other hand, it does help with the issues that I identified. It’s open. Airy. Modern. Clean.

I suppose that if I wanted to start an entirely new blog, the template would look exactly as I saw it on the demo. But, I don’t want to do that. It also tells me that WordPress is likely not the place for my commercial site. There are a couple of options that are much more functional and easier for people like me — non coders — to use.




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  1. I like the new clean and spacious template. It is in the order of less is more. The photographs stand out better; that is simply my personal reaction to your new space.


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