Little second liner...
Little second liner…

This picture came near the end. Of the parade.

I don’t know if she was hot. Or, if she was tired of walking in a crowd. Or, or, or… She may have just gotten tired of looking at everybody’s legs without actually seeing much of anything else. But, she doesn’t look particularly happy.


You know me. I like using events as a way of making pictures that are about something more. Or, about something else. Or, something like that.

I see this as a kind of environmental portrait. It’s not in any way formal. It’s not even planned. I just saw her and pushed the button. It’s a hand – eye thing. Coordination. A kind of athletic reaction. It’s probably why I have sort of a “pre-game” routine when I attend events like this one. It centers me. I gets me into the zone. It clears my mind so that my eyes can see. It’s probably not what you’re thinking. It’s just a lot of normal little things that I do in that same order. Every time. It’s not even intentional. I just do them.

I even do them when I’m traveling and am going to take pictures most of the day. That’s a little hard for me. I work pretty intensely. When I’m done, I’m done. Usually, that level of energy lasts about three hours. I can’t just call it back when I feel like it. I know a psych doc who calls it “psychic energy.”

Nooooo… it’s not that. It’s not anything weird, metaphysical or mystical.

It’s a combination of putting everything that you are, or ever have been into whatever it is you are doing. It’s mental. It’s physical. It’s emotional. It’s spiritual. It’s raw personal energy. Using it is also very, very draining. When you work this way and are done, you are tired.

Sometimes, a nap helps to recover. Especially if I have to keep going while I’m traveling. But, the work feels different. It’s not as intense. I don’t see as clearly and I tend to miss stuff. Or, I just get lazy. I stop photographing the subject before I feel like I’ve got the picture.

That’s me. What about you?