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Back on the Track.

Back on the Track.

So. Whew. After yesterday’s huge post, I’m sort of back on track. I’d really like to finish these projects before I publish my next 2,000 blogs. I’m really not sure how I’ll do that… even before the end of the year. There really is so much to do. And, as some of you know, energy is an issue. My energy. Not the electric company’s. That said, we are already under a flood watch and there is a tropical storm out in the gulf that is turning in to a cyclonic storm as I write. Next stop. Hurricane. That is very unlikely to happen. The gulf isn’t warm enough to feed it. Yet. And, it is very unlikely to strike New Orleans. It’s on track to hit Texas and near the Texas – Louisiana border.

I’ve said that before.

On the Tuesday before Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Buras, Louisiana, I said to a group of people that there is a big storm in the gulf. It’s tracking to hit Florida, Georgia and will likely strike Atlanta. I said that I would see them next Tuesday. I never saw most of them again.

See? It’s starting for me. We are in hurricane season. It’s been a decade. The stories are bubbling up. Sorry. I’ll try not to make this the summer of Hurricane Katrina. I already lived through that once.


This house has been falling down since I returned to New Orleans. Four years ago. I have no idea if any of this is storm damage. But, there is a lot of fire damage. I pass by this building every time I take the “secret” way to the airport. I finally photographed it four years after I first saw it. See? I get around to stuff. Eventually.

The backyard.

The backyard.





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