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Big red bus.

Big red bus.

Sightseeing. Come to New Orleans. Get lucky. See a second line parade. Not one of those commercial second line parades that are booked with just about every wedding in The French Quarter.

A real second line. One in the neighborhood. With a big brass band. Like the Hot 8. (the guys in the picture) A lot of dancers (wait until tomorrow). Crowds. (you don’t have to wait for that.)

And, tubas.

Oh. For the record. There are probably about 20  or 25 wedding second lines a day in the Quarter. They are very short. Not quite so real. But, they do two things. They give musicians work. That’s a pretty big deal these days. And, they bring a lot of joy to the wedding party and the new couple. That’s also a pretty big deal. These days. Or, any days.



  1. I love so much how you capture the soul of your city and of course the people. I don’t always comment, but I enjoy and learn so much for your posts. Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,


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