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The King

A little leveling, the king and his fellow paraders.

A little leveling, the king and his fellow paraders.

This is another picture that I made a few weeks ago at the Divine Ladies second line parade. I really like their choice of colors. Sort of sea green and purple colors really do it for me. These colors and suit/costume workmanship really reminds of Mardi Gras Indians and their hard work. I think there is more machine handiwork going on here, but look at those details.

The picture. Hmmm. Two trains of thought. Either it is over crowded and not well framed which makes it… well, not very good.


You can see it as I do.

But, first, let me tell you that I worked hard to frame the picture as you see it. One thing that photographers who work on the scene (I think the term street photographer is overused) try to do is create layers that imply more than you can reasonably photograph in one picture. In a way, we are competing with video cameras as well as other still cameras.

What do you see? Just about everything that is important to this moment in time. The subject, the king, is in sharp focus. You see hands popping up with now ubiquitous smartphones taking pictures. And, you see the crowd represented by out of focus silhouettes. That’s it. That’s the parade. All in one picture without being too literal and documentary.

One more thing. I talk a lot about luck. Or, photographer’s luck. This is one of those times. Like a batter in baseball who swings where he thinks the ball will be, I’m focusing where I think the main subject will be sharpest. Anything can happen in that time. Think about that. The best hitters in baseball have averages around .300. That means they make an out two out of three times. Me too.




  1. Ray, I did trash OM reblog again, not so much your comments, but rather I have enough negativity in my life right now too. I left the posting that he was gone (with the picture). Sorry again that it offended you – I didn’t mean to, There are enough bloggers that reblogged the post anyway, mine won’t be missed. Have a good evening.

    BTW, several people reblogged this on their blog, Why are you targeting me specifically? Anne


    • Sorry, you are the only one who turned up on my feed. I guess I don’t know very many people who follow that guy. In my opinion he was never worth the time or the energy.


  2. This was completely striking! I love the focus of the king in the background, but am also smitten with the dude in the corner – it adds to the layers. LOVE!
    Regarding luck – that’s the only way I get good shots! I photographed the Father-Son football game at high school last night. From 100+ snaps, I found a priceless one of my son and husband. It’s the look of ageless happiness, joy, and that father-son bond. There are a lot of extraneous items in the shot, so I’ll be doing some creative cropping.


  3. Thank you, again. Most of your posts make me smile. It’s what I call photographer’s luck. Putting yourself in the right place… Because I come from the dawn of time, and shot slide film, I had to learn how to fill the frame with the image I wanted so very little of my work is cropped. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t but…work towards that. There. My photo lesson for the day. Heh! So. Your take. 1%. :):). I reckon if I hit 3% I’m doing well, especially with things like second line parades where I’m moving, they’re moving and the crowd is moving. In this particular picture, I kept seeing it happen but it took a lot of positioning to get in the right place to actually push the button. I’m having a bit of a mobility problem these days, so I let the subject come to me.

    BTW, when you asked about photoshop on the last post, I forgot to say one thing about your questions. An old mentor once told me this, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.” Yeah, maybe you need a class. Maybe you don’t. But, you can always ask away. I’m always happy to help.


  4. Thank you for not minding my questions 🙂 The hubs is out of town for a couple of days, so I guess I gotta bug somebody, right?!?
    Great information, though. Since I have very little knowledge about editing and such, I try to frame and capture the photo as close to where I want it as possible. It’s what I had to do ‘back in the day’ before the DSLR platform let me make 100 mistakes before getting the one good one.
    But, that’s it! I’m finding a class – I won’t bug you until I know what I’m talking about. For now, I’m going to keep fan-girling on your pics while I learn the ropes.
    Have a great rest of the week, Ray!


    • Oh. Is that how it works? 🙂 I’m thinking about taking a break. I have to focus on my other job — holding musical miss’ hands to the fire, er keyboard and make her rehearse. And, in a few days, I will have made my 2000th post. I post once a day. Every day. Lotta years. I could probably use a break.

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