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Neighborhood Art

Pink handprints and green tile.

Pink handprints and green tile.

Even though I wasn’t exactly moving well when I photographed the second line parade in Central City, I decided to drive around and have a look at the progress that the neighborhood was making.

Central City was in bad shape before the storm. It got worse immediately afterward.


There’s a lot of good progress with more to come.

I think about gentrification. I worry about the current residents. Will they be pushed out? Will they stay? I’m not sure. The streets closest to St. Charles Avenue, including one of the main and legendary streets — Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard — are headed that way. The streets between that and all the way to the most northern boundary are being rehabbed, restored, repaired and remodeled but not to the point of over gentrification. It appears that people who own their homes AND live there are doing the work. It’s taking a long time. Anything worth doing takes time.

This picture. Well, well, well… it’s a detail of an old abandoned gas station. It’s been abandoned for years. Probably long before the storm struck with all of its fury. It isn’t too terribly torn up or tagged. I like working there, but the neighborhood is still pretty rough. Caution is a watchword. But, on Sunday with a huge rain storm brewing, things were quiet. So, I took my time and really worked the scene. Sometimes, photographing these places can be pretty hit and run. Out of self-defense. But, not on Sunday.

I like that.




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