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A Little Magic

The magic of nature and tagging.

The magic of nature and tagging.

Yes. A little magic.

In truth, it’s a combination of three things…  A pretty much abandoned neighborhood created by Hurricane Katrina, some local taggers and nature. As we all know, nature always wins. It doesn’t want anything except stasis. How can it not win? Stasis really isn’t all that much. Just balance. But, it’ll do whatever it takes. Think about that.

This scene is a great example of that.

The building was left to rot. But, it’s a big cement structure. An abandoned school building. A fairly modern one. Nature started to discolor it and make it porous.

Along came some taggers who actually made some pretty nice art. The taggers used cheap paint. Nature provided a lot of storms. The paint started to run.

Weeds started to grow. These look like for all the world like a daisy. Nature again.

Then, I came along. Poking along. Looking around. Seeing what I could see. Looking for the wizard. Or, something like that. I photographed the scene a couple of ways. It was like porridge. Too hot. Too cold. Just right. Er, too tight. Too far. Just right. Then I started tinkering. I made one version of the picture. It was okay. But, no magic. I made another version. Too bleak. That wasn’t what I was feeling when I took the picture.

Finally. A little more warmth and a little bit of glow. Like sunshine. On a cloudy day.



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