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Last Time

Mardi Gras Indian Queen

Mardi Gras Indian Queen

So they say. This is the last big gathering of Mardi Gras Indians. For the year. The next time we should see them fully suited is Mardi Gras Day. In their new 2016 suits.

Let’s modify that and add the word, “planned” to the word gathering.

The Indians will come out fully dressed for funerals, especially if it is within the Indian culture. They will come out to pay their respects for the passing of musicians and other big krewes. Not every Indian, just a few. Enough to represent. After all, these suits weigh between 75 and 125 pounds. Do, you think it’s easy to dance, let a lone walk, for any length of time in them. So, they make a deals with each other.

How so will we see a few of them next?


Soon enough? So much for the last time this year.

New Orleans lost a rising trumpet player called Trumpet Black. He passed in Japan after having dental work done that became infected. Infections of the teeth and gums are some of the worst kinds. Often they go straight to the heart. His infection did. He was 28 years old. The city thinks enough of him that the mayor declared today Trumpet Black Fest Day. Even though there have been second lines walked in his honor all last week, it seems that tonight everybody who can play music is gathering in front of what was his home bar. Some Indians are coming out too. It’ll be more like a block party, rather than a second line. You know that I’ll be there.

Anyway. That’s in celebration. Not mourning. We still have a jazz funeral to come. But, he’s not home yet. Seems like it took a couple of weeks for the Japanese and US embassies to work out the remains return details.

These pictures?

Mother’s Day was busy. There was a second line to honor all the moms and this festival called, “Westfest.” It is the last of the Mardi Gras Indians’ Super Sundays. It was delayed for two weeks because of all the storm activity. No storms yesterday. Southeast Louisiana summer coming. About 89 degrees with about 85% humidity. In terms of timing, it followed the second line. But, I like these pictures. So you’re getting a look at a few of them first. Who says that I have to publish them in chronological order?

Lots more coming. From both events.

Always there.

Always there.

I don't think he bites.

I don’t think he bites.



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