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Seeking You

Bagpipe player on Jackson Square.

Bagpipe player on Jackson Square.

“The thing you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

We needed a walk. We decided to do what I call my photography loop in the French Quarter and eventually have dinner. The walk is about three miles through crowds and over bad, broken streets and sidewalks. I think that’s a great workout.

In the back of my mind, I was remembering that yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the fall of Nazi Germany. WWII in Europe ended. The anniversary is big deal. So much so, that airspace was cleared in Washington DC so that old WWII era warbirds could fly overhead. My dad served and fought in that war. I was hoping — sort of — to photograph something to honor all the people who served during WWII. But, aside from the World War II Museum, there’s not around NOLA that could represent that. Yes. The Higgins amphibious vehicle was invented and made here. But, that company has been shuttered for years. Most of the other things from that era are gone. Besides, we were going to the French Quarter. That’s an old place. But, WWII… not so much. I decided to do what I usually do. Photograph what I see and what moves me. I didn’t worry about what I couldn’t do.

Then we heard it.

Way in the background. Off in the distance. A lone bagpiper. We followed the sound and found the musician. There he was, playing at sunset. With an old fashioned cannon. A symbol. A memorial. A reminder. It’s solemn. It’s joyful. I started working. I guess I look different from somebody who is taking pictures, rather than trying to make them. We made eye contact. He smiled at me. I mouthed the words, “Amazing Grace.” He nodded. I put a bunch of money in his tip jar.

This picture is made to the song, “Amazing Grace.”

Either actor Tom Hanks or journalist Tom Brokaw said that the WWII era generation — the Greatest Generation — did nothing less than, “Save the world.” Thank you. And, thanks dad. I didn’t say that enough when you were still on this planet.

Be careful of what you seek. It will find you.





  1. This was haunting and beautiful – words and photo both. I have a HUGE soft spot for our veterans – one of my favorite photos is of two men looking for a name on the Vietnam wall.
    Thanks to your dad for his service and thanks to you for giving us a platform to do so.

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