Rain. Everyday.

And the rains came.
And the rains came.

Spring. Storms. Sideways Rain. That’s what we have in Southeast Louisiana, You see them coming. You do whatever it is you are doing. When they turn really bad you seek shelter. Or, you just keep going.

I knew this storm was coming. My smart phone told me. Yap. Yap. Yap. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I could see the dark clouds gathering. And, here are the first splatters of raindrops on my car’s windshield. In the background you see an oil refinery. Yep. We have a lot of them on River Road as you drive on either side of the Mississippi River. Visitors and tourists often forget that once you get outside of New Orleans, we are an industrial blue-collar kind of place. We are the South. New Orleans is sort of a Caribbean third world country. It’s very different when you get less than ten miles away from the city in any direction.


It’s morning as I write. It’s very dark. The weather folks are calling for at least three inches of rain today. Of course, they’ve been known to be wrong. A better question is, how often are they right?

We’ll just see.


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