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Sunday Flowers

Sunday Flowers

Sunday Flowers

I couldn’t stand it. I just had to go make pictures even with another impending storm. Over the years I’ve become a Louisianan. Go about your business when you hear storm warnings until the storm actually arrives. If it’s not too bad, just keep doing whatever you were doing. If it turns sporty, find a little shelter. As I told a friend of mine, you never really get wet in a rainstorm until your underwear is soaked. Another friend suggested I shoot decrepit flowers. That friend is my first friend’s wife. Maybe they are in this together.


There you have it. Decrepit flowers on an old bar’s stoop. Judging from the amount of beer cans in the trash, I’m guessing the bar is still open. I have no idea why these flowers are where you see them. I found them that way. Honest. I was actually drawn to something across the street. I walked over to the bar because it was one of those corner structures that I like so much. When I looked down…

Eventually I continued upriver, got caught in the big storm and kept working. You’ll see those pictures later. This week. Honest.



  1. I love this image. I have a small collection of pictures of dead or dying flowers. I never would call them ‘decrepit’ ! There is pathos and nostalgia in them, as there is in a life that has been lived.


    • Thank you. Another found picture. My friend in an art historian. She decided to call it that. Since all art is autobiographical , I thought it fit quite nicely. Heh.

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  2. Lisadorable says

    Picked and dead flowers, cracked cement. I like the capture of time – it’s not easy to do in photographs, but I feel like this photo does. I also like that the flowers are onions! At least I think they are. See the little bulbs at the end?


    • Thank you. I don’t know, but I think that photographs are all about capturing time in some way. Now that you called it too my attention, I know what they are. Those are garlic bulbs which we grow easily down here. We probably grow onions as well since just about everything grows in SE Louisiana.


      • Lisadorable says

        You’re right – it’s all about time, but there’s some feeling this photo conveys that seems different. Loss, potential, the past? I’m not sure, but it’s evocative and I like it!


  3. Thank you again. 🙂 In the more academic world of advanced degrees and such, there is a weird little split off of intelligence studies that is called visual intelligence. Those guys will tell you that no matter what the artist brings to his/her work, the viewer brings about 80% of the meaning to it based on past experience. It is neither good or bad. It just a more personal kind of meaningfulness.


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