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Tornado Warning

Sideways Rain

Sideways Rain

My smart phone went crazy. Bleats. Blaring sounds and a text message. Tornado warning. Seek shelter. Now. Right now. Immediately. Luckily, I was near a big hospital and medical complex. They have secure parking in a huge cement and steel building. That’s where I went. As I was heading into the parking lot I took the first picture. I took the second picture after the brunt of the storm blew through.

Rain. Lots of it. Frequently. Everyday for a couple of weeks. A typical Southeast Louisiana spring. Maybe a little wetter than usual. But, that may help during our extremely hot summers. If nothing else, I’ll have more home-grown veggies.

That said, the storm was furious. In some upriver town, hail the size of golf balls was reported. But, there were no funnels anywhere to be seen despite what I read on some social media. I didn’t think there would be. I cannot remember a tornado in New Orleans proper. I can tell you about hurricanes.

A little sun.

A Little Sun.



  1. Rachel May says

    What an amazing photo of the storm. For me you captured the power and chaos of Mother Nature! Be careful!


  2. Taina says

    Good pictures, I got the atmosphere and feelings of it. Dangerous though.. be careful.


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