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Good Friday

Crosses in a broken neighborhood

Crosses in a broken neighborhood.

Since today is Good Friday and tonight is the beginning of Passover, Mahavira Jayanti, Theravadin New Year and Hanumana Jayani, I thought that I should post something appropriate. I found this little place in the 4th Ward in Mid-City while I was looking for an old music club called The Black Diamond. I found the club. It is now a broken down motel. No music. No more. But, as I was stumbling around the neighborhood which I don’t know at all, I found this place. The church is that cream-colored building on the left. The crosses are built on the foundation of what was probably a house or two. It seems almost perfect for today.

Oh, in case you are wondering. In this order. Christian. Jewish. Jain. Buddhist. Hindu.



  1. Happy 22.

    PS- would it be okay if I pass your name and website along to a friend who is a self-described amateur photog? She’s considering pursuing it further, and maybe even publishing a book of essays and photos one day. She asked if I knew any photographers and of course I thought of you. Thanks much, hope you are well.


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