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My Heaven

High School Marching Bands. Krewe of Druids and Nyx.

High School Marching Bands. Krewe of Druids and Nyx.

Yes. My heaven. “Trapped” between four major high school marching bands getting ready to roll on the parade route. They rehearse in sort of a competition of call and response. One band plays a song. Each band plays the same song trying to best the others.

Backstory. These bands would never have been so close and compressed if it was for the city’s method of construction, which means tearing up four major streets in a row, giving the bands and the krewes very little space to get ready. This has gone on for years.

My backstory. If you’ve read Storyteller for any length of time, you know I truly love brass bands of all sorts. But, I love them most when they are on the streets. This is my heaven.

Photo backstory. I made a huge amount of pictures. I had to do that. Low light. Lots of motion. Can’t be sure of what you’ll really get. I was lucky. I got a lot. I was about to show you about eight or ten pictures. I stumbled upon this one. This is THE PICTURE. For me. I’ll show you more throughout the month even after Mardi Gras. I had a good night. Three good Mardi Gras parade coverages in a row. That’s really something.

New Orleans. Mardi Gras 2015



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