A second line portrait.
A second line portrait.

Whew. Indeed.

We had a little power failure.

Living down here in swampville can get weird at times. For the winter solstice the temperature was around 78 degrees as a high. Today, about the same thing. Very humid. So humid that the ground is wet. But, there is no rain. However, the temperatures will drop to their low 50s and mid 40s tomorrow and Christmas Day. Those are the highs.

What does that mean? If a very warm front is being chased by a very cold front we get really high violent winds. How high? How violent? Well, for a while, a couple of places — us included — were advised to seek shelter from a tornado. “Come in she said. I’ll give you shelter from the storm.” Who said that?

Anyway. We didn’t have a tornado and the warnings have been lifted. It would be very rare in New Orleans since we have the gulf in front of us to settle things down. Unless it happens in the summer. Then we get Hurricane Katrina. But, they do occur on the Northshore… the other side of Lake Ponchartrain. We just lost power for a while. A short while.

The picture. Hmmmm. I started working on the images I made at Sunday’s second line. They are all very colorful. Then I looked at this one. It just looks and feels old. It’s probably the hat that helps it along. So, I started tinkering in black and white. I got close, but the power failed and I lost it because it was still in process. I forgot what I did. I was trying to dirty it up a bit and make it look really funky. This is my original try. I emailed this and the color original to a friend of mine and asked him which one. He liked them both. Thanks.


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