French Quarter
French Quarter

I’ve always liked the work of Edward Hopper. And, I’ve enjoyed the music of Tom Waits. This is my unintentional homage to both of them. At lest I know where I made this picture. In the French Quarter. In New Orleans. For years and years, Hopper fans have tried to locate the diner that he made so famous. Near as I can tell, nobody has come close. I suspect that he saw a similar scene and put it wherever his mind wanted it to be located.

It’s about the same for this picture. I didn’t go out looking for it. I just ran into it. Or, it ran into me. I’ve looked at and studied a lot of art in my lifetime. Sometimes. No, make that most times, stuff just comes bubbling up out of the murky mess that I call my mind. I think this happens with most genres of art. The artist is influenced by the time in which he or she lives. He or she is influenced by all the events that happened in his own personal life. History, as it were. Universal and particular. Sometimes, she twists and spins it a little bit to make sense of it. When the art is finally birthed, it likely doesn’t matter what the artist thought or what the influences happened to be. The reader, viewer or listener bring their entire life to the art as well. They make sense of it in their own way. That’s what I’ve learned. Formally, and by happenstance.

This brings me to now.

There are no current statistics for 2014. I suppose there will be in a month or two. But, according to Instagram — owned by Facebook — in 2013, there were 75,000,000 photographs posted every day. 75 million. That’s a lot of pictures. That’s 27, 375, 000, 000, 000 pictures a year. Yes. That many. That’s just on Instagram, who claims 13% of all internet penetration. That’s a really lot of pictures. If you add that remaining 67% of the internet who doesn’t use Instagram, that’s really, really a lot of pictures. I have no idea of the total. Obviously, Instagram is photo-driven so the rest of the internet won’t exactly correlate, but still…

This probably means we are living in the most documented time of the human race.


If you like pictures of cats, cute puppies, someone’s lunch or selfies.

I wonder what the percentage of all pictures posted on the internet is dominated by those, er, subjects? More importantly, I wonder how you break away from all that noise and get your signal out there? For me, 2014 was a year of testing of that. 2015 is about doing that. It probably still won’t work. Time has a way of changing things.