Second line singing.
Second line singing.


Singing looks like yelling. He’s singing. How do I know? I was there. How do you know? Look at those nicely lined up trumpets — and one trombone — in the background. Look at all those happy, but cold people, in the background. Singing.

I am sorry to say that I don’t know this man’s name. But, I do know his masking style. It has been around for at least and a half years. The first time I saw it, and him, was at Uncle Lionel’s massive jazz funeral. If you scroll back… waaaaaaaaay back. To July – August 2012, you can see it. I remember that day well. I was in Austin, Texas. I left in the morning for New Orleans and managed to get back in time for our evening event. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, believed that I could do it. But, I did it. That’s why God invented airlines.

The picture. Aside from recognizing the man and the mask, I like this image because the color just pops out from all of that muted background color. It didn’t seem all the cold. But even when the temperatures are in the mid 50s, it feels cold because the humidity just doesn’t disappear. It sort of lays there in a cold, wet blanket.