Color,, Photographs, Ray Laskowitz
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Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Seasons. Not seasoning, as in spice.

We have strange seasons in Southeast Louisiana. We have summer, which seems to last from April until Christmas. That’s what the song says. We have two other seasons. Fall and spring. There is some winter in there too. But, winter isn’t all that long and not that cold. Usually. It was pretty cold last winter.

Spring and fall are the seasons for me. Both are growing seasons. Yes. We have two down here. Both are cooler and drier than the rest of the year. The light sparkles and it gets low early in the day. It makes taking scenics, travel and location pictures pretty easy. Really, all you have to do is get there. The light does the work.

These three pictures are what we set out to do on our upriver passage. I promised y’all nature pictures. I tried to keep that promise. It’s better for me just to take pictures of what I see, not what I want to see. Big difference there. So, you saw a lot of “out on the road” and cemetery pictures. I promise. I’ll do better next time.

The top picture may be the most representative of a Gulf Coast fall. Not really all that much. How can it be? We are the land of swamps, palm trees and semi-tropical weather. Two of the things I look out for around here are alligators and snapping turtles. Do you do that in, oh let’s say, Nebraska or Colorado? Have you ever looked at either of those creatures up close? They are left over dinosaurs, creeping out of the primordial muck we call swamps.

The bottom picture illustrates our two growing seasons. I made that picture this week. The bud is just starting to bloom. Up there in the frozen north, there is twelve inches of snow on the ground in places like Michigan. Nothing is blooming up there right now. Nothing bright and purple. Just shades of white, gray and brown.

Lucky me.

Seasonal Mix

Seasonal Mix




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