… Never Sleeps

They say that rust never sleeps...
They say that rust never sleeps…

I said that I would do more nature work. I did. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I just seem to head right for the junk pile. The abandoned stuff. Things that are falling apart.


This picture combines both subjects. Nature and dystopia. It also supports Neil Young’s words, “Rust never sleeps.” Either does nature. It just seeks stasis. It reclaims the silly stuff we’ve done to it.

I found this old abandoned and broken house in St. James Parish along Highway 18, which is River Road when you get further downriver near New Orleans. The house has been left on its own for a long time. There is no outdoor paint to speak of. There are two layers of fences. One is broken and falling down. The other fence doesn’t protect anything. There is still furniture inside that dates back to the 1920s. It’s ruined. That’s why it’s still there. I’m not sure whether the church next door is the owner. But, if they don’t own it, the house lies right on the property line.

The church is St. Philip Catholic Church. It is an old white structure that is still used for services. There is a wonderful cemetery behind it which was not our intended destination. You’ll see more pictures of this old house and the cemetery as the month wears on. Just in case… it is located in Vacherie, Louisiana. According to Wikipedia, Vacherie means cow shed in French. According to the French – English dictionary we use, it means a dirty trick. I dunno. Maybe it means dirty, tricky cow shed.

At any rate, Vacherie is plantation country. Oak Alley, Laura, Felicity and St. Joseph plantations are still there. We didn’t go to any of them. That wasn’t our intent. For once this week we were determined to stick with our intent. Oh, and for fans of the cable series, True Detective was made here.

I didn’t do much to this picture. I didn’t have to. Nature did it.


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