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Everywhere. Walkers. Biters. Walking Dead. Zombies.

Yes. Walking Dead is probably the most popular show on United States television these days. It is watched. Tweeted about. Talked about. Discussed. Posted about. Bisected. Written about by indie writers with nothing better to do.

And, it showed. The Halloween parades in the French Quarter were just full of folks masking as some kind of zombie. They seemed to be just about everywhere. Maybe people are expecting some kind of apocalypse and just want to blend in. There’s been enough panicky Ebola stories around these days. No wonder people feel like they are among the walking dead.

There were other kinds of costumes and much more colorful images. I was planning on posting them today. But, a few bigger things kept me from it. Really just one. But… And, it really wasn’t in the way. So, I thought I’d post a few pictures and tinker with them a lot in post production to make my point about grungy zombies. I was also surprised to see just home many grungy hipsters are lying around the upper French Quarter near the river. You almost can’t tell them from the fake zombies. They look about the same except they aren’t drooling blood. They are drooling, but that ain’t blood.

The guy in top picture snuck up and bit me while I was taking a picture of another zombie. I’m one of them now. I’m a zombie photographer. Why not? There are lots of them wandering around these days.

Besides, even though I’m going to start posting a lot of nature pictures I have to actually go do out and take them. You don’t think that pictures of trees grow on trees do you?  There are plenty of French Quarter pictures that don’t have zombies in them to keep you going and not get bored until I take a few pictures of  a tree. Or something.

One more thing. I think zombies wrote the spell check software. Spell check thinks “bored” should be spelled “board.” Right.






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