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Sunday Second Line

Playing in the band.

Playing in the band.

If it’s Sunday in New Orleans there must be a second line. Or, a Saints game. (American football team for my foreign friends) At least as fall rolls around.

Today, there was both. The second line parade was huge. It’s a hard call to make, but in this neighborhood, the parade trumped the Saints who were playing just about a mile away. This parade was also really great for me. When I got tired and the parade sort of petered out, I just walked in the opposite direction and went home. Yeah. I know. Lazy and selfish.

This is the Goodfellas Annual Parade. It is divided into two parts. The children’s parade and the social club, itself.

That structure in the background? Hmmm… You won’t believe this. It is the Eiffel Society. A restaurant and a reconstructed relic. Very steampunk looking. It was the original restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. In Paris. France. Not, Texas. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to write that.

Yes. I made these pictures a couple of hours ago.

Leading the way.

Leading the way.

Dancing. It all begins.

Dancing. It all begins.


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