A City of Broken Buildings.

Torn and Tattered.
Functioning… Barely.


If you ever get the idea that making these sorts of pictures is easy for me, let me tell you. It is.

Let me show you why. “Torn and Tattered” was made in Central City. It was one my favorite buildings there. One side is totally destroyed. That’s what you see in the picture. But, the front and street side of the building are in good enough repair to make the building look habitable. It is a lot like New Orleans. On the surface it looks great, but poke around a bit. Then there is “Abandoned.” You’ve seen another view of this old church in the past. It’s located in The Holy Cross section of the Lower Ninth Ward. The church was closed, and then abandoned, sometime after the storm. It is for sale today. Finally, “Functioning… Barely.” The building is located on Royal Street in The French Quarter. It’s probably my favorite building since it looks like an old Parisienne building. People live there. But, I wonder how.

So. There you have it. My secret. These buildings are everywhere. I couldn’t possible documenting all of the them. Or, even 20% of them. I’m too old. If I was 18 years old, I’d be too old. Too much. Too much.


  1. Sure takes a certain amount of wisdom before we really see the crumbling around us. Your shots are amazing and I am sorry that you find them so easily around you – telling for sure. I so admire your work. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Ray,
    I live in the northeast and Detroit is just a shock to see; looks like a war zone. The people are really suffering and no one seems to give a damn. There are so many images of a living nightmare which is someones reality.

    Keep shooting, you allow people to see.



  3. Hi. I don’t anyone has much of a choice. No money. In NOLA, we still have unspent Federal money left over from the storm. But, NOLA was falling apart long before that. Among our many nicknames is “the city that care forgot.” One of these days, I’ll work for a little while in Detroit. It interests me.


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