One Night

When we went out to eat and to photograph on New Years Eve I really was looking for one image to start the year off right. It seems like I was just making and making pictures. There were picture everywhere. Since my ritual is intended to be sort of totem to staying busy in the new year, I guess I’m going to be real busy in 2013. That’s good. I like working. I like working hard. I reckon that one day I won’t be able to and I’ll have to slow down a little bit. But, not today. Or tomorrow.

One of the things that I really like about working in The French Quarter is its vibe. For instance, in this picture  St. Louis Cathedral I think that  it looks like a church you’d see in Europe. And yet, it’s located just a few steps from The Mississippi River.

The picture. It looks pretty much as I saw it. In fact, when I started working on it in my post production workflow, the auto function which I use to give me an opinion made it worse, not better. So, I junked that one and started again. I  more-or-less left it as I saw it and just cropped and sharpened it a bit.NYE-6


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