In yesterday’s post I talked a little bit about the small St. Bernard Parish town of Algiers. It is really known for two things. Maybe more. But, the two that come to mind is that’s where the Domino sugar plant is located. You can’t miss it. Its smokestacks tower about everything. The second landmark is a little less known, but probably even more interesting. It’s called The Le Beau Mansion. And, guess what? It’s haunted. Well, so they say. If you Google around, you can find all sorts of comments about that. Apparently, slaves where badly mistreated there. There were at least two hangings on the second floor. And, until the cupola was boarded up, many nearby residents claimed that they could lights turn on and off at that highest point.

Historically, here’s a little bit of what I know. It was built in 1854. Until 1854, the land on which it was built was called the Eclipse Plantation. It was a mansion, a hotel and even later, a gambling house. It is built in a district of Arabi called Friscoville, which was laid out on land that was originally belonged to the plantation. Historians call it “the last grand River Road Plantation near New Orleans.” It is now owned by the Joseph Meraux Estate. That’s a whole other story. But, The Meraux Estate is one of the biggest landowners in Southeast Louisiana. They even own one of the oldest buildings in the city. The Jean Lafitte Blacksmith Shop in The French Quarter. It is now a bar.

This picture. Well, just about everybody who has passed through the area has photographed it. I haven’t seen much night work. So I will eventually go back to do that. But, this image, photographed through the summer growth during the day is my attempt to do something a little different.