Sometimes when I photograph events I use them to document more than the event itself. I look for little slices of life that might — I emphasize¬†that — tell me something about the people who are taking part in the vent, or the location or just something about the parade, or second line, or… whatever. Usually, it’s nothing more than a fleeting moment. ¬†Since I can’t be everywhere, this usually works best if I let the subject come to me. I tend to see better. I’m not worried about tripping over someone or something.

So. This picture was made at a second line parade in Central City. Yeah. I know. Where else? The man in the hat is part of a band. He happened to see a friend — the man in the foreground — and they were talking.

Technically? The usual. F8 and be there. A little post production work in Snapseed on my i-Pad. I’m really starting to like that method of post. It’s portable and as long as it’s for web work or something very small., it entirely appropriate. Now that Google bought Nik, who makes Snapseed, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.