What I Saw… Last Night

We’ve had a lot of rain during the past few days in Southeast Louisiana. Feeling a little stir crazy, we went to The French Quarter for a bite to eat. We stopped into the Clover Grill on lower Bourbon Street. It’s a little dive dinner. But, it’s my kind of dive. Besides, without fanfare and despite all these so-called gourmet hamburger places popping up, they make the best hamburger you’ll ever eat. And, you can get it with a couple of kinds of cheese, bacon, chile and a small defibrillator. The service is amazing. I’m not going to tell you why. Just go there and see for yourself. A great dinner deserves a great walk, so up Bourbon Street we went. The rain drifted back into play and boy did it rain. But, that never stops the Bourbon Street antics. People were dancing in the street, running in the rain and enjoying themselves as if there was no bad weather.

Me? I was just following a quote by former NGS’ staffer Sam Able which goes like this. “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good. ”  What could be better? Bright lights. Reflections in the wet street. Lot’s of people enjoying themselves. Bands playing noisy covers. No, it wasn’t as crowded as Mardi Gras. And, thank God for that. I could actually move around a bit and get soaked to the gills.

Here’s a few of the pictures now. Sort of a debut; since they are lot fresher — they were made last night — than a lot of images that I post around here.


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