I went to a Indian pueblo called Santa Domingo, which is starting to reclaim its Indian name of Tewa. In fact, even the commuter rail line, The Rail Runner, has already named its stop there, Tewa.

I checked in at the pueblo governor’s office and asked if I could photograph a specific site which was the old, burned trading post. They gave me permission and off I went.
Within minutes of my arrival at the trading post, an Indian (we’ll get to this is a minute) silver artist called Chris, stopped by to chat. We talked a lot about the trading post, which — as it turns out — really was an old fashioned trading post, built in the mid-1800s. It was more-or-less abandoned about ten years ago and burned about four years ago.
About that word — Indian. Chris is a pretty open and friendly guy, so I asked what he liked to be called. Indian, American, Native American is fine. A word like brave or chief is okay. Most other words are disrespectful.

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