A couple of my editors have more or less asked for the same kinds of images. They’d like to see Americana, Regional Details, Mom and Pop businesses and a sort of general New Orleans run down sensibility. I don’t think they meant for me to put all of those symbols in one picture. But, I […]

I have no idea why Brad Pitt wants to pour his own money into rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward. But, he does. He’s building homes for people who lost their own homes. That may be all that really matters. There are about a dozen homes built and occupied already. There are another five or seven […]

Pride. In the Name of Love. I spent part of today touring The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. You remember the Lower Ninth Ward. It flooded so badly during Hurricane Katrina that literally nothing was left. A once vibrant neighborhood was left in sticks and broken bits of cement. In a small section of […]

Even a four year old girl can use an i-Phone. In this case she discovered my Etch-a-Sketch app. You know, “there’s an app for that.” What I haven’t said yet is that she has a highly skilled teacher mom and a computer whiz dad. They read to her a lot and she is around technology […]

No matter how large horses really are, it seems that children just need to be near them. These little girls have absolutely no fear when it comes to petting and visiting horses at an event being held at Los Glondorinos, New Mexico. I may be just guessing, but I’m thinking they would like to be […]

I happened to be out walking the other day when I saw a little Chinese New Year symbol hanging in the windshield of a car. As I looked at it, I realized that from certain angles you could see the white puffy clouds reflecting in the windshield with the CNY symbol in the background. I […]

More from my New Orleans walk up. The Clover Grill. Big Food, all day and night long in The French Quarter. This is where morning people come from big breakfasts and late night drinkers come for breakfast to soak up the alcohol. They usually arrive at different times. The Clover is sort of a local […]

Since I am going to New Orleans next week and we are only two weeks away from the forth annivers – ary of Hurricane Karina making landfall, I thought I would publish this image. It’s actually a little under four years old. It was taken after my second evacuation, this time, from Lake Charles, Louisiana […]