On The Second Day

Since I can can be pretty obsessive, I will try to post a little something every day. I reckon that it I can shoot a picture a day, I can write a few words every day about the process of making a picture whether I want to or not. I’ve read a number of blogs that concern themselves with a taking a picture a day and they eventually trail off, eventually concluding that a blogger doesn’t have to blog every day. That’s right. For them. For me, it’s a learning process as well as a discipline. During the first year of my Picture A Day project, I learned a lot about myself both as a photographer and as a person. I also learned that no matter what happened during the day, I could find a way to make a picture. Sometimes it wasn’t a great picture, or even a good picture. But, I did it. Oh yeah. This picture. It was taken where Interstate 40 sort of intersects with Route 66 just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The cold winter light helped make this picture what it is. The cold winter wind just about froze my hands, even with light gloves.


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