It’s late and you’re tired.

You know how you feel. You are out on the road, traveling somewhere. You’ve been driving for a long time. Your body has finally achieved one with your car and the road.

Your brain is on remote. It’s a good thing that there isn’t any traffic because your reaction time is slow.

The scenes in front of you blur into one. Time becomes elastic. If you eat or drink it all tastes the same. No need for a good cafe. You won’t taste the food.

That’s what this picture is about.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Get your jabs. Look after each other. Be patient. Enjoy all of the road.

What does it mean to travel?

I suppose it depends on why and how.

This picture assumes you mean by car.

To be successful I simply laid one picture over another, sucked some color out of it, added some grain and there you have it.

I think it works.

Another fine mess.


Many years back, I used to post my experiments on Sunday. I stopped. I returned. And, finally drifted away. I believe that I’m going to resume.

Doing so, sets a road map for me and for you.

Obviously, I can’t make photographs by genre for every day in the week unless you want to see older material. I’m not sure that any of you have been here since the earliest days so you might enjoy it. Let me know.

This image is a combination of two pictures that were layered and adjusted until you see the result. I usually work on these things late at night. It’s a strange thing, but that’s when my creative mind starts to work. I do have sort of a routine. I write in the morning. I make pictures throughout the day. I process them later in the day. I let my mind wander late at night.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every Creole tomato.

I promised myself that during the lockdown I would learn something new.

WordPress made that easy. Or, hard depending on your view. Like all major digital, internet based companies, they tell you what to do. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right?”

I believe on June 1, they ‘re taking away all of the older page templates except for one that is older then Storyteller.

This going to be a long, hard learning curve. WordPress says it’s easier. Ha!

Please feel free to make comments, especially those of you who hate this page. You won’t hurt my feelings. I’m not sure how I feel anyway. It is different. But difference for its own sake is a big mistake.


No Rona news again. I reckon that you most of you are deluged with it.

Well. This is different. I suppose I could figure out how to drop the text, but it’s getting late.


Sophie Rose is feeling much better. The Tramadol seems to be doing its job. She even asked me to go out. I haven’t seen that in a log while. We went for a short work. Progress.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.

  1. Thank you. Between the people I know in New Orleans and those I know in other parts of my world,…

May 2021

Magnolia in space.

” Sugar Magnolia, blossoms blooming

Heads all empty and I don’t care

Saw my baby down by the riverside

Knew she’s have to come up soon for air

We can have high times if you’ll abide

We can discover the wonders of nature

Rolling in the rushes down by the riverside

She’s got everything delightful

She’s got everything I need

Takes the wheel when I’m seeing double

Pays my ticket when I speed

She comes skimming through rays of violet

She can wade in a drop of dew

She don’t come and I don’t follow

Waits backstage while I sing to you

She can dance a Cajun rhythm

Jump like a Willys in four wheel drive

She’s a summer love in the spring, fall and winter

She can make happy any man alive

Sugar Magnolia

Ringing that bluebell

Caught up in sunlight

Come on out singing and I’ll walk you in the sunshine

Come on honey, come along with me

She’s got everything delight

She’s got everything I need

A breeze in the pines and the sun and bright moonlight

Lazing in the sunlight, yes indeed

Sometimes when the cuckoo’s crying

When the moon is half way down

Sometimes when the night is dying

I take me out and I wander around

I wander round” — Lyrics & Melody by Robert Hunter & Bob Weir / The Grateful Dead

No. I didn’t write this song, but it felt appropriate for the picture. It is, in fact, a magnolia blossom that I worked on very heavily. I used my normal post production tools, plus some new apps that do stuff. One adds strange old school colors to the picture. The other adds what the makers call bokeh.

It’s not true bokeh, which is used to describe the background sharpness of a photograph. Instead, it’s just stuff. Nice shapes that you can brighten and lower in intensity. In short, another filter. A fun filter.

That’s it. No Cvid update. Just Fun Friday.

Stay Safe. Enjoy every sandwich.

An experiment.

Unlike yesterday’s picture, this one is real. It was made on black and white film, printed and eventually scanned. Then, I tinkered with it.

Why this change from spring flowers? Simple. Until my back heals properly, I’m a little house bound. It’s not as bad as you might think. It is painful as it could be. But, it will heal. Eventually. Some day.

I have to bone spurs on my lower spine. Bone spurs are not a problemĀ in and of themselves. They are just extra bone growth usually brought on by wear and tear. The problem occurs when they touch nerves,Ā  musclesĀ and other tissues.Ā Doing the stretches that I do, is one way ofĀ preventing that. I haven’t felt like this in the seven years sinceĀ the problem was originally diagnosed. Bouncing around on Super Sunday caused the issue.


I didn’t realize it at the time, or even until a day or two ago whileĀ I was treating it as if it was hip related. It’s not. Now that I understand the problem, I’m usingĀ RICE, pain meds and not doing of much of anything. If it doesn’t start healing on its own in the next day or so, I’m off to my primary care doctor who will have to refer me to a orthopod who I don’t know. Their course of treatment is usually a local cortisone injection and muscle relaxers.

Except. I get bored doing nothing.

I thought I would scan and tinker with old pictures. It keeps my mind active and engaged. Sometimes, I even forget the pain. All good.

Of course, my studio chair is designed for someone who isn’t hurting. It’s a real live professional office work chair that I bought for $10 at a professional office re-sale store. It looks brand new and was once part of an office lease package. I’m fine when I’m sitting in it. But, getting up…

Ow, ow, ow.

The picture was made in Paris. France. A few years ago. The original print is actually okay. Based on how I’m feeling, I thought I’d make it a little moody. A little evil. Looking.