We all wait. For something. A grocery line. A toll bridge line. A venue line. On Sunday — any Sunday — we wait for the second line to begin. Everybody waits while the hosting club gets ready to make their very grand entrance. It’s a tradition. For everybody. It’s a time to hang out and […]

They were glowing. The trees. The bushes. Even the steps. Were glowing So what could I do? I made the picture. They were just steps. But, the golden light. The pre-dusk feeling. The glowing greens. I had no choice. I had to photograph this simple little scene. On any other day I might have passed […]

… mean a lot. Okay. I borrowed that line from a Neil Young song called, “Fork in the Road.” It’s an angry song. He wrote it at the depth of the recession. It’s worth listening to. It’s what I was listening to when I drove through as much of The lower Ninth Ward as I […]