They seem early. Spring buds. In fact, the first Japonica buds were early. They arrived in early December. A couple bloomed, another cold spell arrived, and they died. The buds in this picture are right on time. They’ll grow, bloom and fully open towards the middle of carnival. I know this because I’m a creature of […]

On this winter solstice I thought it would be a good idea to close out autumn on a high note. Or, a golden note if you prefer. I made this picture a couple of days ago. Yeah. I know, I said the trees where bare. This is Southeastern Louisiana. We live in a semi-tropical and […]

Things fall down. Like this flower. It fell from a tree. I don’t know its name. That’s rare. While I readily admit that I don’t know flower names, I do know tree names. It starts blooming in late spring and continues until early summer. Streets, cars, sidewalks are cover in tiny pink flowers. I like […]

Like a dream. Summer arrives like a dream. Even though we are five days from Summer Solstice, and the longest day of the year, those of us who live in the south have had summer-like weather since some time in May. We had a few cooler days, but for the most part we feel the […]

What matters. This forest matters. There was a political advertisement on television last night. I was watching the local news. That’s a whole other story. The guy running for state treasurer wants to cut taxes. Huh? That how we got into this mess. The state of Louisiana can’t afford anything. We can’t pay much for […]

You know that I don’t usually work during mid-day hours. But, every now and then rules are made to be broken. Even if I made the rules. Which is a whole other discussion of another day. Look at it. The scene was perfect. The red carriages contrasting against the fresh greens of spring and the […]

Oh, what can I say about these pictures? They speak for themselves. I guess I can tell you not to give up. On anything. I tried to work in one neighborhood of the city and it wasn’t happening. The places that are normally lighted well for Christmas, weren’t. I don’t know why. I started to […]

Christmas. Red bows. Golden trim. Sparkling bulbs. Silver bells. Blue dusk. Details. All of them. They are part of the whole. Part of the photograph. Part of what we see and feel. Part of what makes us feel good about the holiday. Even for those who don’t believe as Christians do, there is a certain feeling […]

Still sick. But, I think we’ve turned the corner. Typical cold. A week to come. A week to have. And, a week to leave.  Anyway… more poking around in my files. These images aren’t as old the images were in my last couple of posts. For one thing, they weren’t made on film. They were […]