The first one. The first second line of the 2015 – 2016 season. It happens to fall in the middle of my two weeks of Hurricane Karina stories. That’s fine. It’s about a neighborhood that was flooded by the storm. It’s about the people who live there. It’s about their celebration. It’s also about a social […]

I just had to. I had to come out on Sunday. I had to be part of the Perfect Gentlemen Father’s Day second line. I had to make pictures because last week was very, very hard. A lot of people left the planet. In New Orleans. And, in Charleston. Some I knew. Some I wished that […]

I made this picture about a year ago in Central City. How do I know without looking at the metadata? It was maybe six weeks before Fat Tuesday. I wanted to photograph the outdoor neon sign, but the bartender-owner invited me inside. I asked if I could take pictures inside. He told me I could […]