Way Out West

Out there. Way out there. The road trip. The grand tour. Mostly along Route 66. In New Mexico. Or better said, by Neil Young: “Well, they say that Santa Fe is less than ninety miles away, And I got time to roll a number and rent a car. Oh, Albuquerque. I’ve been flyin’ down the road,Continue reading “Way Out West”

More Route 66

  A little more Route 66. You seem to like this collection. I’ll keep going a little bit. I like these pictures too. I haven’t really looked at them for a long time. Luckily, these images are easily accessible in my archives. On second thought. Luck had nothing to do with accessibility. That’s just management.Continue reading “More Route 66”

A Conversation

It was hot. I already mentioned that. So. I took shelter in the only place I could find. The semi-shady stoop of a long abandoned power plant. Pretty soon other people joined me. We started talking. Pretty soon a couple of them asked why I was taking pictures. So, I showed them. There are some goodContinue reading “A Conversation”

Seeing Stuff

This is all about seeing. Being on the move. Going from place to place. It’s also about not really caring about what other people think. It takes a long time learning to take a picture when passersby might be wondering what the heck you are doing. Even asking that question. On the other hand, twoContinue reading “Seeing Stuff”

The Watcher

Watching. Waiting. The second line started an hour later than planned. When they hit the streets they came through the bulldog. That’s right, Family Ties came right through the mascot of Joseph H. Clark Prep High School in Treme. Yep. The second line began in Treme and mostly walked through the 7th Ward. A wardContinue reading “The Watcher”

Nobody Ever Listens

Mid City. New Orleans. Greenway. Yes, everything is going well along the greenway. The one that I wrote about during the fifteen days of Katrina. Yet, a block away is a City of New Orleans facility. For used street signs. All sorts of signs. Street names. Stop signs. One way signs. You know, the signs that control trafficContinue reading “Nobody Ever Listens”

A Simple Thing

It’s a simple thing. Really. Love. These signs are all over New Orleans. I happen to stumble upon this one in Central City. Nobody knew who or what was tacking them up in hard to reach places. It turns out that they are an installation art piece. There has been a lot of conversation aboutContinue reading “A Simple Thing”

Signs, Signs, Signs… All Those Signs.

My little town. All in a pile. I went back to the old laundry to see what the closed factory looked like. It turned out to be worse than I thought. The back side still a working business. Only, it doesn’t clean stuff. It breaks stuff. It’s a scrap yard. Like kind you see in The National Geographic whenContinue reading “Signs, Signs, Signs… All Those Signs.”

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